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Title: Transperineal Placement of Biodegradable Material

Organs at risk are always an issue when receiving external beam radiation therapy.  One of the organs at risk in treating men with prostate cancers is the rectum, since it is located very close to the prostate.  There is a new biodegradable product that is called SpaceOAR Hydrogel that reduces rectal injury in men who are receiving external beam radiation therapy to the prostate.  The space oar material is injected into the area between the patients prostate and pushes the rectum out of the way of the external beam treatment field.  This Hydrogel remains in place for 3 months (most patients do not feel this spaceoar at all), and then it is absorbed by the body and leaves the body via urination.

This coming year, January 1st, 2018 a new code will be used for the placement of this biodegradable material.  It is CPT ® AMA 55874.  The AMA in the new CPT code book defines code 55874 as follows:  “Transperineal placement of biodegradable material, periprostatic, singe or multiple injection(s), including image guidance, when performed.

Thank you Augimenix for making this Hydrogel, that spares the rectal dose for those men undergoing external beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Susan K. Vannoni