Radiation Oncology Consulting helps meet your billing compliance needs by performing complete and thorough on site auditing services.  We know how busy everyone is in radiation oncology facilities, and many times billing is overlooked, or there aren’t enough hours in the day to perform all the tasks necessary for efficient billing practices.

If you are performing internal audits, it is beneficial to have another, independent set of eyes giving a careful viewing at your process for an objective opinion.  In most instances we find errors where billing should occur, and does not, losing thousands of dollars that should have been captured. Helping you with this process may make the cost of an external audit a minimal expense avoiding revenues requiring pay back to CMS and private insurance companies due to incorrect billing charges.


The Education aspect is very important in order for the billing process to be accurate and up to date.  With CCI (Correct Coding Initative) edits every quarter it is nearly impossible to keep up to date with every edit that transpires.  Clinical professionals may have never been taught how, why or what to bill for, but are asked to do the billing.

Investing a day of education for your staff will provide them have a better understanding of how, when and what to bill.  This education will in turn help you meet your compliance and fiduciary responsibilities.


Management for your business is integral to its success. Finding the right manager for your practice can be a lengthy, stressful situation.  Many times looking for the perfect management  candidate involves a complete understanding of your own management styles and practices. It is important to know how these relate to the process of your practice.

Do you know what your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats may be? Are you looking to build a new facility and new equipment, but don’t  know where to turn?  The possibilities for assistance are unlimited, it is our mission to help you  confidentially with all these needs.

Limited Consulting

Have you had questions about your billing practices that you can’t find in any of your resources?  We offer a Limited Consulting Agreement that allows you access to our knowledge when you need it.

Through limiting consulting agreements you may email your questions to us and have and receive an answer quickly and easily. These questions and responses are completely confidential and may lead to many follow-up answers that could provide even greater value and benefit.